Gaza Resistance Movement Launches Dozens of Rockets

Gaza, Palestine, MINA – The resistance movement in Gaza, Al Qassam, fired dozens of rockets at Tel Aviv on Tuesday night Gaza time.

The rockets attack resulted in serious injuries and severe damage to several buildings.

The Iron Dome system failed to intercept the large number of rockets fired from Gaza. It was reported that the system had technical problems so that its capabilities did not go according to plan.

Israeli media, Yedioth Ahronoth said the rocket attacks fired at Tel Aviv and its surroundings were the biggest so far.

Even the rocket waves over Tel Aviv have never been witnessed in history so far.

Zionist Israel acknowledges the massive damage caused by the dozens of rockets fired by Qassam rockets at Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, Al-Qassam military spokesman, Abu Obeida in his statement said the massive missile attack aimed at Tel Aviv and its surroundings was carried out with the heavy Al-Attar missile, and one of the targets was Ben Gurion Airport directly. (T/RE1 )

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)