Freedom Flotilla Sailing Postponed until Wednesday 24 April

Freedom Flotilla Steering Committee, Ann Wright when giving directions to FFC participants from various countries in Istanbul, on Thursday (18/4). (Photo: Nurhadis/MINA)

Istanbul, MINA – The Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) committee has postponed the shipping mission to penetrate the Gaza blockade until next Wednesday.

MINA journalist in Istanbul, Nurhadis reported that the FFC Steering Committee, Ann Wright, in front of the FFC participants on Friday afternoon announced the postponement due to several considerations.

“Please note that we are resolving remaining technical issues and evaluating the political environment both in Türkiye and the region,” she said.

This also refers to the heating up of the situation in the region after Israel’s renewed attack on Iran.

The attack was motivated by the initial attack launched by Israel in Syria which resulted in the death of two Iranian troop commanders.

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Iran responded to the attack by sending rockets and suicide drones towards Israel which then caused Israel to attack Iran again.

One of the FFC participants representing the NGO Maemunah Center (Mae-C) Indonesia, Rizal Abdul Latif, said he would still wait for confirmation of departure, considering that there were participants from other countries who had stated that they would withdraw and would not be able to take part in this mission if it was postponed for several days.

“Indeed, the situation continues to change in humanitarian missions like this and we must be ready. “But we will make every effort to help our brothers and sisters in Gaza Palestine through this FFC mission as a form of practicing brotherhood,” he said.

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Apart from the political situation in the region and also the technical reasons for preparing the ship, the FFC committee also continues to coordinate with the Turkiye government to support and allow this aid fleet to sail from Turkiye to break through the Gaza blockade.

Initially, the FFC ship’s sailing was scheduled for Sunday but was postponed until Sunday before the committee finally announced the postponement of the sailing until a predetermined limit. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)