Five Priorities of Indonesia’s Foreign Policy in 2021

Jakarta, MINA – The Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi virtually on Wednesday said that there are five priorities of Indonesia’s foreign policy in 2021.

The first priority is to build national health independence and resilience or National Health Security.

The focus includes, among others, the realization of vaccine commitments through bilateral and multilateral cooperation and strengthening cooperation in building the national health industry, the raw material industry for drugs, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

In addition, strengthening cooperation in research development and transfer of technology and human resources in the health sector as well as strengthening systems and mechanisms for preparedness for the upcoming pandemic at the national and regional levels.

Second Priority, supports economic recovery and green development/ sustainable development with several priorities, among others, encouraging expansion of market access and regional economic integration.

As well as encouraging the expansion of inbound investment to Indonesia and strengthening diplomacy efforts to face various trade barriers, including negative campaigns against commodities Indonesia’s top seed, especially palm oil.

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The third priority is to strengthen the protection system for Indonesian citizens in abroad.

The Indonesian Representative will continue to be strengthened by the protection infrastructure for Indonesian citizens through, among other things, providing protection budget support, especially for handling Covid, the development of an Integrated Protection Representative (PPT) in accordance with the mandate of Permenlu 5/2018 and increasing the status of the Indonesian Consulate in Tawau to the Consulate General.

In addition, the protection system for crew members from upstream to downstream will also be improved, among others through the establishment of the roadmap for ratification of the ILO C-188 Work in Fishing Convention, the MoU for the special placement of fishery crew members with destination countries.

The fourth priority is to continue to contribute to advancing various issues in the region and the world.

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For the issue of Women, Peace and Security (WPS), the Regional Forum of Women Negotiators and Mediators together with the First Meeting of the Southeast Asian Network of Women Peace Negotiators and Mediators will be held.

Regarding the Rohingya issue, Indonesia hopes that the ASEAN Secretariat can immediately carry out a Comprehensive Need Assessment to encourage safe, voluntary and dignified repatriation of Rohingya refugees.

Indonesia will also continue to strive so that there is progress in resolving the Rakhine State issue.

Regarding the Palestinian issue, Indonesia hopes that a conducive situation will be created starting in 2021.

It takes commitment from all parties so that constructive dialogue and even direct negotiations can take place by continuing to pay attention to international law; Related UN Security Council resolutions and agreed international parameters.

Support for the Palestinian people to achieve their independence will continue.

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Indonesia will also continue to play an active role in promoting an inclusive peace process in Afghanistan.

In the next three years, Indonesia has committed to provide assistance of 5 million dollars with a focus on promoting moderate Islamic values ​​and strengthening the role of women in Afghanistan, including through trilateral cooperation mechanisms with partner countries.

The fifth priority is diplomacy to work to maintain territorial integrity and sovereignty.

In this case, Indonesia will prioritize two things. First, to increase the intensity of land and maritime border negotiations with Malaysia, Palau, the Philippines and Vietnam, among others.

Second is to strengthen efforts to maintain the sovereign integrity of the Republic of Indonesia. Indonesia would like to remind, respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity is the main principle of friendly relations between countries in the world which is based on the UN Charter and International Law. (L/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)