Five Halal Industrial Estates Developed in Indonesia

Halal Industrial Estates Developed in Indonesia (photo special)

Jakarta, MINA – Director of Halal Products Industry National Sharia Economic and Financial Committee (KNKS), Afdhal Aliasar said there are five halal industrial areas which in the process of preparing.

The five regions are Modern Cikande, Bintan Inti, Batamindo, Jakarta Pulogadung, and Sidoarjo Safe and Lock.

Afdhal assessed that the halal industry area has the potential to develop an integrated halal industry. He hopes that all processes are according to plan, especially since June 2020 the Republic of Indonesia Minister of Industry Regulation No 17 of 2020 concerning Procedure for Registration and Development of Halal Industrial Estates.

This region, he said is expected to accelerate the growth of the halal industry. Because right now, only a few sectors are starting to look, like fashion. But for halal food and pharmacy has not been seen. Even some food ingredients are still imported. This condition must be resolved immediately.

Halal industry area, he said, was only one of the main focuses of the KNEKS. Other main focuses are the formulation of a national strategy for the development of the halal product industry, the development of halal zones, and industrial zones, the development of halal tourism destinations and the improvement of the quality of MSMEs, the development of halal ports, and the improvement of halal industry research and innovation.

Islamic Financial Expert Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono said the value of halal industry trade in Indonesia reached US$ 3 billion. This number is expected to continue to increase considering that Indonesia has an interest in developing halal products.

“The presence of the halal industrial area will make it easier for policy development, easy to monitor, and guarantee its halal status,” said Sudarso. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)