Five Features of Abdurrahman bin Auf

Amir of the Da'wah Assembly of the Jama'ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) Lampung Region, Ustadz Arief Saefulloh MD (photo: MINA)

Al-Muhajirun, South Lampung, MINA – There are five features of the companions of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, Abdurrahman bin Auf who is rich and generous.

This was conveyed by the Amir of the Da’wah Assembly of the Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) Lampung Region, Ustadz Arief Saefulloh MD at the Fajr lecture at the An-Nubuwwah Mosque on Thursday in a series of Tabligh Akbar held by the Shuffah Hezbollah Islamic Boarding School and Al-Fatah Madrasah Al-Muhajirun, South Lampung, Natar.

The first specialty of Abdurrahman bin Auf is that he includes ten people who are given the good news that they will enter heaven.

“The ten people referred to include the four caliphs namely Abubakar As-Shiddiq, Umar bin Khattab, Uthman bin Affan, and Ali bin Abitalib, including Abdurrahman bin Auf in it,” said the ustadz who is also an observer of this date.

As for the second specialty, according to Saefulloh, Abdurrahman bin Auf is one of the friends of Ahlul Badr.

“Why is Ahlul Badr called a privilege, because those who participated in the Badr war were special friends, including Abdurrahman bin Auf, so special that there is a history explaining that after the Badr war was over at that time the number of Muslim troops left was three hundred and thirteen more or less, doing anything after the badr war is welcome because Allah has forgiven all mistakes, this is the specialty of Ahlul Badr,” he explained.

The third feature is that Abdurrahman bin Auf is one of the caliph candidates.

“Even Abdurrahman bin Auf was appointed directly by Umar bin Khattab to oversee six people including himself when determining the Caliph to replace Umar,” he said.

Then, the fourth feature is that Abdurrahman bin Auf was once the Imam of the Prayer where his Makmum was Rasulullah Shalallahu alaihi wa sallam.

“When the events of the tabuk war were narrated or narrated, the Apostle was late entering the mosque, Abdurrahman was ordered by the Apostle to lead the prayer, then Abdurraman became the Imam and the Apostle became the congregation,” he said.

The fifth feature, Abdurrahman bin Auf At least within a year donates his wealth, judging by the current rupiah, it is approximately forty billion and then it is distributed to the residents of Medina, including Uthman bin Afan, who also queues to receive it because he hopes for the blessings of Abdurrahman bin Auf’s wealth. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)