Fishermen in Gaza Call to Stop Israeli Violations Against Them

Gaza, MINA – Fishermen Syndicate organized a stand-in in which Palestinian fishermen participated, responding to the Israeli occupation violations and blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.

The fishermen shouted slogans denouncing the international silence regarding the continuous Israeli violations against them.

“Fishermen in Gaza have been suffering for years from the Israeli occupation and its military boats. They have continuously been harassed and forbidden to practice their work to provide their families with essential needs in a deteriorating economic environment,” said Nizar Ayyash, Fishermen Syndicate’s spokesman, MINA’s contributor in Gaza reported.

He added that the Palestinian fishermen in Gaza suffer from “the permanent narrowing of the fishing area to almost 3 miles, sometimes it is increased to 6, 9, or 12 miles. Before the last war, it was restricted to 15 miles, but the fishermen were forbidden to fishing for 15 days after it.

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He also explained that the Israeli occupation warships still continuously fire at the fishermen, keeping them from making a living. Ayyash added, “Over the past years, the Israeli warship attacks have resulted in the killing of about 14 fishermen where 32 were wounded, in addition to arresting 450 fishermen since 2005.”

Ayyash explained that Israeli violations against fishermen are not limited to equipment only but also their lives. “Arresting many fishermen and confiscating their boats and equipment. There are about 60 motors and 37 rowboats held by the Israeli occupation that hasn’t been restored yet,” said he.

He called on International Criminal Court to judge the Israeli occupation for its systematic violations against the Palestinian. It also called on international institutions and human rights organizations to support fishermen to practice this profession safely to support their families. (L-K-G/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)