Ex-Israeli Official: Israeli Government Uses Lies to Justify War

Gaza, MINA – A former senior adviser to the Israeli prime minister on Wednesday said the Israeli government uses lies to justify attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. This was revealed by Daniel Levy, now serving as head of the US Project in the Middle East.

In an interview with the BBC, Levy was asked about Israel’s air strikes on Gaza aimed at eliminating Hamas. Levy said the Israeli air strikes may not have fully targeted Hamas fighters.

According to him, there has never been a time in recorded history that people who were confined and deprived of their basic rights were actually attacked with full force.

“Are you really being honest when you say that? Do you think terrorist organizations embedded in a society that denies them basic rights will be ended by a military campaign? Has that happened in history?” Levy said.

Levy said that the Israeli government’s move to cut off water, electricity and food supplies to Gaza had indirectly shown that it was not targeting Hamas fighters. Cutting off basic needs will impact civilians and threaten a humanitarian crisis.

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“Can anyone credibly tell me that when the leader of a country says, ‘We are cutting off food, electricity, water, all supplies to the entire civilian population,’ then they are targeting militants?” Levy said.

Levy said the lies made by the Israeli government to justify the war must stop. If the government continues to lie then the country will lead to wrong policies.

“I’m sorry, lies like this cannot go unpunished. And if you lie to yourself, it will lead to the wrong policies,” Levy said.

In the interview, the news anchor confirmed to Levy that the international community believes the claims made by the Israeli government. Levy then called on the international community to oppose all forms of lies or hoaxes circulating around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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“People need to stand up to them because they are lies, and we would be warmongers if we let them get away with it,” Levy said.

United States (US) President Joe Biden joined in spreading hoaxes about the beheading of Israeli children and blamed the media and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman. In a follow-up statement, a White House spokesperson ultimately acknowledged Biden and other US officials had not seen or independently confirmed that Hamas beheaded Israeli children.

The Israeli military spokesman finally spoke. He stated that the Israeli army had no information to confirm the accusation that Hamas beheaded the baby.

“We’ve seen the news, but we don’t have any details or confirmation about it,” the spokesperson said.

Hamas has rejected false claims by some Western media accusing Hamas fighters of killing or beheading children and targeting civilians. In a statement on Wednesday, Hamas condemned the Israeli occupation propaganda which is full of lies and fabrications.

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Hamas said that Israeli propaganda was an attempt to cover up the crimes and massacres carried out by the Israeli occupation over time. Most of the crimes committed by Israel constitute war crimes and genocide.

“Palestinian freedom fighters are targeting military and security posts and bases of the Israeli occupation, all of which are legitimate targets,” said a Hamas statement, reported Middle East Monitor.

Palestinian fighters try to avoid targeting civilians. This can be proven through the testimony of an Israeli citizen on television who said that Hamas fighters had treated them well. Hamas regrets that the mainstream Western media has failed to report the war crimes and genocide committed by the Israeli occupation, indiscriminately. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)