EU Countries Urged to Recognize State of Palestine

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (AA)


Brussels, MINA – President Mahmoud Abbas Monday urged EU countries to recognize the state of Palestine, during a keynote speech to the European Union’s 28 foreign ministers in Brussels.

In a joint press conference with EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, Abbas said the only way to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israelis is through negotiations under international supervision Wafa News Agency reported.

Abbas said the EU is one of the most important partners contributing in the establishment of the institutions of the Palestinian state, through economic and financial support, stressing the importance of the EU’s political role in order to justly resolve the issues of the Middle East.

Abbas reiterated his commitment to fighting racism, violence, and extremism, on a local, regional and international level despite of any obstacles that might get in the way of a political solution.

He further called to implement the resolutions of the United Nations’ Security Council and General-Assembly on the ground.

Abbas added that the EU is a true peace partner in the region, calling on the EU countries to recognize the state of Palestine, a step which he stressed would not be an obstacle before peace negotiations.

“This would encourage the Palestinian people to keep hoping for peace and to wait until peace is brought about,” said Abbas.

He affirmed that Palestinians would “continue complying with the treaties that we signed,” calling on Israel to do the same.

Abbas also affirmed his determination to end the division and reach a national reconciliation to benefit the Palestinian people.(T/R04/RE1)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)