Egypt Cancels Hajj at Government Costs

Endowment Minister Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa (Yaum7)

Cairo, MINA – The Egyptian Ministry of Waqf has decided to cancel the departure of pilgrimage delegation to the holy land at the expense of Eternal Hajj Fund as in previous years and divert funds to help poor people including those affected by the Covid-19 virus.

The Ministry of Waqf has allocated funds amounting to 56 million pounds (more than Rp58 billion). Thus quoted from Al-Yaum7 Thursday, March 26.

Wakaf Minister Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa, decided the funds were diverted mainly to those who lost daily work opportunities, including those who worked in fields affected by current conditions, and this would be done in coordination with the Cabinet.

Juma explained the decision was also within the framework of the Waqf Ministry’s social role and its desire to contribute to community service, especially the families most affected in these difficult times and crises.

The Waqf Minister also directed the funds to be given as new subsidies to families most in need such as poor families, chronic diseased citizens and breadwinner women who were registered in the government register.

Disbursement of these funds is planned to be held before the holy month of Ramadan 1441 H ,.

The Ministry of Waqf has decided to cancel any pilgrimage mission at the government’s expense this year.

The ministry also said the hajj is not compulsory for those who are financially and physically incapable and it would be better if the funds were used to connect daily life.

The Ministry of Waqf also asks all those who intend to make the Umrah pilgrimage for the year, to review their plans and help the poor.

Sheikh Abdul Hamid al-Atrash, former chairman of the Fatwa Committee in Al-Azhar, praised the Minister of Waqf’s decision to cancel the pilgrimage mission scheduled at the ministry’s expense each year.

“What the Waqf Minister has done is expected to open the door for all state institutions to follow this example,” al-Atrash said.

He said someone’s pilgrimage costs are directed to the poor and families affected by the corona virus, he will receive the reward of Umrah and the reward of helping the poor. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)