Diversity Dialogue Describes “Real Face” of Americans

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Jakarta, MINA – The United States Embassy (US Embassy) in Jakarta received visits from several pesantren communities from Garut, West Java in a program “Diversity and Education Dialogue in America” ​​ on Tuesday July 9.

The US Ambassador to Indonesia, Joseph R Donovan welcomed the delegation warmly at the US Embassy office in Jakarta. He asserted that the relations between Indonesia and the US have been running for 70 years.

The event was attended by 120 participants from 29 Islamic boarding schools in Garut. Previously, in the last month of Ramadan, they held journalistic training for pesantren residents with support of the US Embassy in Jakarta.

Muhammad Fakhruddin as the initiator of Digital Madrasah and chairman of the delegation said that this program is an effort of the US government to help the students in order to learn digital world, so that students are able to produce positive content on social media as well as an effort to reduce hoaxes news in the mids of society.

Meanwhile, Sita Raiter as Deputy Chairman of Press Attache at the US Embassy in Jakarta said that she was very happy to receive the visit of santri and ajengan (caretaker) of Islamic boarding school. She hopes that the program will further strengthen people to people relations between the US and Indonesia.

“Between the US and Indonesia have the same slogan. “In Indonesia there is” Bhineka Tunggal Ika”, while in the US there is” E Plurubis Unum “which means the same, which is different but remains united,” she said.

In the event, press atache staff also explained several things related to how to study in Uncle Sam’s country. “At present, there are almost 8000 Indonesians studying in the US,” said Raiter.

Students of MAN 10 Jakarta, Sufi Azkia Salma also gave their experience while joining “YES Program” that is a student exchange program held by the US embassy. She had opportunity to live in the state of U tah for one year to gain experience there.

Some internship students from the US also presented their experiences studying at US universities. Among them are Alexa and Linsi, Princeton University students. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)