British FM Draws Contrast Between Brexit, Isolation

New York, 1 Syawwal 1437/23 July 2016 (MINA) – British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson drew a very strong contrast between Brexit and any kind of isolation, affirming that it means Britain being more visible, more active and more energetic on the world than ever before, KUNA reported.

At the UN headquarter, the newly appointed British official told the press that it is very important to talk about Brexit, stressing that it does not mean Britain leaving the European Union, “but we are going to be more committed than before to cooperation and participation and support for other European countries whether through defense policy coordination, or counter-terrorism or intelligence sharing.”

He said that since the referendum result, the mood had changed of the EU and around the world understanding the positive side of the Brexit decision.

Johnson met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, where both officials discussed problems in Syria, Sudan, Yemen and all other effected areas in the region.

He stressed to the gathered press, that Britain play a “leading role in trying to bring solutions whether through diplomacy, or politically or peacekeeping.”

Affirming Britain being at the forefront of that effort, Johnson said Ban wants his country to continue playing the ever greater role through the UN and the world affairs in showing

Earlier, the British official attended a Security Council meeting, and for the first time, and was engaged in a voting process where his country drafted a resolution to destroy Chemical Weapons in Libya.

Britain joined the European Economic Community, the precursor of the EU, in 1973 but never took full membership.

The country is  maintaining the pound rather than adopting the euro, the EU’s common currency, and its own border controls, rather than embracing the Schengen border-free system.    (T/R07/R01)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)