At-Tanwir Muhammadiyah Mosque Applies Solar Energy

Photo: Pwmu

Jakarta, MINA – Muhammadiyah Central Leadership inaugurated the At-Tanwir mosque in the Muhammadiyah Da’wah Central Building complex, Central Jakarta on Thursday. This mosque applies environmentally friendly technology and the building is designed not only for praying.

The General Secretary of the Muhammadiyah Central Executive, Prof. Abdul Mu’ti said, At-Tanwir mosque is a new generation of Muhammadiyah because in general Muhammadiyah mosques are named At-Taqwa.

The mosque was named At-Tanwir as part of Muhammadiyah’s efforts to make the mosque a place of enlightenment and to build a progressive Islamic diversity.

“The mosque is six floors, the lower floor is for ablution and various things related to thoharoh are on the first floor (lower floor),” said Prof. Mu’ti during the inauguration of At-Tanwir Mosque on Thursday.

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He explained that the plan for the second floor of the mosque will be the main floor for carrying out worship, especially worship for congregational prayers such as Friday prayers and so on. The third and fourth floors are still for congregational prayer, especially for female congregations.

The fifth floor is a meeting place and library. The sixth floor is for the hall which can be used for various activities.

“Two things that are somewhat different from this mosque are the construction and architecture that we design are environmentally friendly,” he said.

Prof. Mu’ti explained that the At-Tanwir mosque uses solar power. So on the top floor there is a solar panel powered by the sun, incidentally Muhammadiyah is also the symbol of the sun.

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“So this is a mosque that is environmentally friendly and in line with our collective commitment to overcome various environmental problems,” he explained.

He also explained that the former ablution water on the first floor was recycled for cleaning activities. It is part of Muhammadiyah’s efforts to conserve water and preserve the environment.

“Therefore, we really hope that the Muhammadiyah mosque models that have not been built or renovated, I think can replicate what we are starting to do in our mosque as an environmentally friendly mosque and a mosque whose activities we prepare and we orientate towards giving enlightenment to the community,”he explained.

Prof. Mu’ti said that a mosque is a house where people work together and a mosque is a place for people to unite to build ranks and build unity for the advancement of the people and the nation.

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In the same place, the General Chairperson of the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership, Prof. Haedar Nashir conveyed that the At-tanwir mosque hoped to become an inspiration for Muhammadiyah regional leaders. To build the same mosque around the Muhammadiyah regional leadership building.

“So that the mosque becomes a unity with the Muhammadiyah building in the regions and later reaches the regions,” said Prof. Haedar.

He also explained that At-Tanwir’s words were a continuation of what had been moved by Kiai Ahmad Dahlan to present Islam as a religion that enlightens, enlightens and enlightens the lives of the people, nation, humanity and the universe. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)