At Least 55 Palestinians in Turkiye and Syria Died by Earthquake

Jerusalem, MINA – At least 55 Palestinians were died by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and aftershocks that hit the southeastern region of Turkiye along the border with Syria on Tuesday.

Quoted from Wafa, Faed Mustafa, Palestinian Ambassador to Turkey, has confirmed today that 23 more Palestinian refugees died in the massive earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, increasing the death toll to 55.

Mustafa confirmed the sad news to Wafa through a telephone conversation.

It said 13 bodies were pulled from under the rubble in the Raml refugee camp in Latakia, five in Jableh, three in Aleppo and one from the Syrian city of Jindires.

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A total of three Palestinian refugee camps were affected by the massive earthquake and these include the Raml refugee camp in Latakia, and the Neirab and Handrat camps in Aleppo; in addition to several other Palestinian communities in the northern Syrian governorate.

President Mahmoud Abbas mourns the Palestinian refugees who died in the earthquake and sends his condolences to their families.

He also instructed the Palestinian embassy in Syria to do what is necessary to help the families affected by the earthquake and ordered the dispatch of a Palestinian team to assist in the rescue operation. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)