Asian Islamic Organization Send Protest Note to Donald Trump

Kuala Lumpur, MINA – Asian Islamic Organization and scholars sent protest note to reject the controversial peace plan “Deal of the Century” made the United States President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, January 28, Trump along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched drafted peace plan that promised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The draft is biased and increasingly biased towards Israel. So that it makes anger Palestinians and also Muslim in the world.

Several leaders of Malaysians Islamic Organization and scholars on Friday, January 31 made press conference that reject Trump’s peace plan.

There are following protes notes which Coordinated by Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, President Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamic Organization and endorsed by others NGOs in Asian from Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan and Indonesia who represented by Aqsa Working Group (AWG):

We are registering our strong and vehement condemnation and protest against your (Trump) so called Peace Plan ( Deal of the Century ) unveiled by you with your accomplice, indicted Benjamin Natanyahu,” said the protest note.

Your absurd plan does not indicate any signs of a peace plan at all , but instead a declaration of war against the Palestinians.

It is, to us , an attack on peace in the most direct manner , making all the peace plan that has failed since the last 7 decades as nothing compared to your plan of devastation. Everything about the plan is farcical.

Your peace plan is clearly a conspiracy, designed by israel, devoid of any justice for the Palestinians and you play the role as the announcer.

You are trying to deceive the world with a pompous name, the “Deal of the Century”. This is indeed should be renamed as Injustice of the Century .

Your drafter, Jared Kushner, your son in law, who is a fanatic Zionist supporter of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land has one premise in the plan , that is of punishing the victims and rewarding the aggressors.

Your office in the White House, with the advice your close friend, Netanyahu, unashamedly acted to permanently deprive the Palestinians of their participation in the negotiations – and deprive them of their land, liberty and dignity.

You have disgracefully failed to accept the root causes of the protracted conflict in Palestine, and now you have repackaged them and presenting them as a permanent solution.

We cannot but conclude that your 80 pages document depicts a devilish plan of wiping out the Palestinian rights.

We condemn strongly that now you have declared to legalised the illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian lands, and to recognise as part of Israel. And to add your even more satanic plan, Israel’s illegal annexation of occupied Jerusalem, you have recognised as the capital of Israel and Israel alone.

The injustice is clear as day. You have finalised that the question of Palestinian refugees and their inalienable right of return and compensation, which are now totally denied.

Your plan does not resolve the problem of violent, repressive and inhumane Israeli control over the Palestinians, but your plan has placed the Palestinians at the mercy of Israel’s security forces.

We demand that any plan must refer to the United Nations Security Council resolution 242, which requires Israel to return to its 1967 borders (or to their approximate, according to past US initiatives).

We know too well that Israel’s apartheid system in Palestine, under your plan will now be prolonged with a provisional Palestinian “state”, one which will have no sovereignty or independence.

This is a glaringly an insult to Palestinian injury.

We will not ignore that you have initiated a list of devilish steps :

• Closed down the office of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington,

• Suspended aid to the Palestinian Authority,

• Transferred the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,

• Repealed US recognition of the refugee issue by suspending all funding to UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

We are stating that you have failed to act deliberatively, fairly or altruistically. You have shown to the world how an impeached president can work closely with an indicted prime minister.

You and your closest ally, Benjamin Natanyahu, are working hard to be-relected and trying to garner the votes of evangelical Christians and the support of rich radical Zionists like Sheldon Adelson.

You have reflected opportunism, populism and cynicism all wrapped in one deal, and now you degraded US credibility on the international scene.

This plan is a clear farce with blatant lies, obvious complicity, offensive deceit to ensure Israeli supremacy and Arab support.

We express our position to reject your manipulation of some cynical Arab regimes to support and finance your plan.

We see your plan will find its way to the dustbin of history.

We belief that subservient Arab dictators who supports your plan will eventually fall but the people will endure, and the Palestinian resistance will be more stronger.

We reiterate that we will persist in supporting and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom. We will mobilize this strong protest against your plan with every level of the community in Malaysia , legislators and institutional leaders.

We are registering that our support to the Palestinian cause will be echoed to all Malaysians and the South East Asian region ,irrespective of creed and race. (R/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)