As 48 Palestinian Student Get Achievements in Syrian Refugees

Damascus, MINA – As many as 48 students from Palestine got achievements in various fields in the refugee camps of northern Syria.

Ala El-Din Mohamed, Chair of the Student Pioneer Bloc, said the number of students who got achievements are 11 middle-level male and female students, and 37 preparatory level students, Quds Press reported on Sunday.

In his report, Mohamed thanked the festival’s sponsors, represented by the Palestinian Aid and Development Authority, which works in northern Syria, and the Khaira Ummah Association of Turkey.

Participating in the virtual welcome was the overseas head of the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement, Khaled Meshaal.

In his remarks, Meshaal congratulated the outstanding students, and congratulated their families who taught them their science, education, skills, experience and care.

“This generation will advance its people, build the future of its homeland Palestine, and will be loyal to the nation and country in which they live, especially beloved Syria,” he said.

Mishaal invites students to continue to excel in science and science, expressing his pride in their creativity.

In his message, Meshaal also emphasized, “life will be accomplished if it is based on faith and science.”

“Faith, science, creativity, thinking, giving and serving people, all these will move us forward, now and in our future,” he continued.

Muhammad Al-Saadi, head of the Palestinian Aid and Development Authority, said the students’ achievements were in the “interests of the resistance leaders in Syria in general, and the Palestinian refugees, in particular.” (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)