Arab League Hopes Joe Biden Revises Israel-Palestine Policy

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Kairo, MINA – Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit hopes the new government of the United States (US) under the leadership of Joe Biden will change its Middle East policy. He specifically touched on the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Gheit said that efforts to achieve a two-state solution, Israel-Palestine have been marginalized by the main mediator in the conflict. His remarks referred to the US under the Donald Trump administration.

“This prompts the Israeli government to increase its settlement activity and threatens to take dangerous and destructive steps such as annexing occupied land,” Gheit said while addressing the UN Security Council on Monday as quoted from Ynet News.

Gheit’s remarks came after Israel recently approved the construction of 800 houses in the occupied West Bank. He said significant efforts needed to be made by all parties in the coming months to reaffirm the two-state Israeli-Palestinian solution.

In this regard, he hopes the new US administration can correct malfunctioning policies and processes and engage in fruitful political processes with the support of influential regional and international parties.

“This will give the Palestinian people new hope that the international community will stand by its side of noble aspirations for freedom and independence,” he said.

During the Trump administration, Palestine’s chances of becoming an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital were increasingly eroded. The “catastrophe” began in December 2017, when Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The decision was condemned not only by Palestine, but also by Arab and Muslim countries. Instead of hearing protests and condemnation, the Trump administration continued its policy by moving the US embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May 2018. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)