Anti-Racism Protests Spread to Some Cities in US

(Photo: Jim Mone / AP)

New York, MINA – Demonstrations against racism and police brutality have spread to some cities throughout the United States (US) to protest the killing of George Floyd.

The days of protests that rocked the nation reawakened years of anger over the death of black people at the hands of the police, renewing old accusations about institutionalized and systemic racism.

After the night of the riots on Friday, peaceful and racial protests took place and most took over the streets in major cities throughout the country during the afternoon hours on Saturday.

Protesters held a sign that read “Black Lives Matter” and shouted “I can’t breathe”, Floyd’s last few words before he died on Monday, shortly after a white police officer in Minneapolis, State of Minnesota, pin it with your knees around your neck for a few minutes.

I New York, a city that has not yet risen from the damage caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, a series of protests took place in five of its territories.

“I’m here for George Floyd; I am here for all those who have lost their lives (due to) police brutality, “Paige Porter, a protester in New York, told Al Jazeera.

“America is sick and we must get rid of racism,” said Caroline Nixon, a white demonstrator. “I think white people need to stand up and do something, instead of sitting on the couch.”

On Saturday night, many national demonstrations turned violent amid tensions between police and protesters.

Several police cars were set on fire and shops were searched in the riots when officers used tear gas and rubber bullets.

Authorities in a number of cities imposed curfews in an effort to control the escalating situation, affecting millions of people, including in Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

In Minneapolis, hundreds of protesters still left when curfew began on Saturday. The demonstrators have promised to continue to take to the streets at least until the four officers involved in Floyd’s death have been charged in court.

So far, only one officer – Derek Chauvin – has been arrested in connection with Floyd’s death.

Meanwhile, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz ordered the full mobilization of National Guard troops, the first step taken in the state’s history.

Governors in the states of Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and Texas also activate the National Guard. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)