An Universities in UK Produces Hijab for Muslim Students

London, MINA – An university in London, England, produces instant hijab to facilitate the needs of Muslim student uniforms on Brunel University.

It quoted from the official website of London Brunel University on Wednesday, this hijab was made specifically for Muslim students who want to be active in sports activities on campus.

A study conducted by Sports England reports that from 30 percent of the female population in the UK, 18 percent are Muslim women who participate in sport events. That made Brunel University to facilitate Muslim students in the field of sports.

The hijab has a similar design with Nike Pro. The difference is in the selection of materials, colors, and application of logo on the head.


“(Hijab) is very light, easy to use, and very comfortable. It feels like I’m not wearing anything in my head. It’s really cool, especially during sports, “said Faith Al Saad, student of Brunel University’s Business Management and Gym-goer.

Faith believes sports hijab will motivate many Muslim women to diligently exercise. Brunel University also hopes that the provision of this sport hijab will be emulated by other campuses.

That hope seems to have been reached. Ranjeet Rathore as the President of Student Union claimed that several campuses had invited cooperation for the production of sports hijab.

“Now there are several universities that want to be partner with us, who want to make us an example, who want to make hijab for themselves, which is good news,” said Ranjeet. (T/Sj/P2)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)