An Appeal to Face Megathrust Potential with Iman And Taqwa

Indonesia is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) reported the estimation of potential for megathrusts or devastating earthquakes as a result of the collision of Indo-Australian plates and Eurasian plates.

The devastating earthquake was also accompanied by a potential tsunami along the coastline in its path. So long is the area exposed to the possibility of megathrust that is along the west coast of Sumatra and the Java Sea to Bali. Even on the northern side of Papua, there is the potential for a collision of the Pacific plate. Estimates that are said to be based on the results of scientific research, illustrate how devastating the potential devastation that would be suffered if megathrust actually happened.

Meteorological and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) estimates are reasonable if it causes fear in the community, moreover it is said that until now there has been no technology that is able to predict when an earthquake will occur. The government asks the public to be vigilant and prepare themselves for all possible disasters.

Related to this, driven by a sense of responsibility before God to advise one another, especially as most of the people of Indonesia at the disaster-prone points are Muslims, then by using a religious approach and aqeedah perspective we convey the following matters:

First, all parties should realize based on scientific evidence at various disaster points in Indonesia, especially the last one in Central Sulawesi and Lombok, it is concluded that natural disasters are not just natural phenomena, but their appearance is the will of God who actually wants good in this universe not the opposite of destruction.

Human hands are the real cause of damage to nature as revealed in the Koran in Surah Ar-Rum [30]: 41, “It has been seen that damage on land and at sea is caused by the actions of human hands, so that Allah inflicts them a part of (due to ) their deeds, so that they return (to the right path). ”

It was further emphasized in the Koran that a disaster has something to do with human actions, namely, “… And not a disaster happened, but due to human actions themselves …” (QS. An-Nisa [4]: ​​79).

In other verses also found similar information, “So what are the calamities and disasters that befall you it all is your own doing, and Allah has forgiven most of your mistakes.” (Q.S. Ash-Shura [42]: 30).

There are times when disasters are inflicted on people because they sinned and transgressed. This information is revealed by the Qur’an as follows, “Then each one of them (We) was tortured because of his sin, then among them were We imposed upon him a hail of pebbles and among them there was a violent thunder, and among them there are those whom We have buried in the earth, and among them there are those whom We have drowned, and Allah will not persecute them at all, but it is they who are persecuting themselves. “(QS Al-Ankabut [29]: 40 )

Not only natural disasters, but God’s punishment is also in the form of social disasters where in the midst of a people there is chaos and bloodshed because humans transgress the limits. This explanation is mentioned in the Qur’an surah Al-An’am [6]: 65 namely, “Say (O Muhammad):” He (Allah) is the Almighty to send azab to you, from above you or from under your feet you, or He mixes you in groups (which contradict each other), and feels to some of you a ferocity for another … ”

If there are believers who are affected by disasters too, then it is a test or a trial to prove the truth of their faith. Disasters can also be a warning from God so that humans can improve themselves again. Related to this the Qur’an explains as follows

And truly we will give you trials, with a little fear, hunger, lack of wealth, soul and fruit. And give good news to people who are patient. (ie) those who, when afflicted by disaster, they say: “Inna lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi raaji’uun” (indeed we belong to Allah and to Him we return). They are the ones who get the perfect blessing and mercy from their Lord and they are the ones who are guided. “(QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 155-157)

Second, based on the understanding of disaster (natural and social) in the Islamic perspective, we convey the following appeal:

a. Muslims should always be sure that Allah is All-Compassionate and Merciful. As long as the Muslims keep themselves from committing major sins and avoiding immorality which can cause Allah’s wrath, Allah will always provide His protection and affection.

Allah has never wronged His servants who believe. “… Surely Allah certainly helps those who help (His religion). Verily, Allah is indeed Most Powerful, Most Mighty, (that is) those who if We affirm their position on the earth, surely they will establish prayers, perform Almsgiving, enjoin to do what is wrong and prevent from what is not possible; and to Allah is the return of all affairs. ” (Q.S. Al-Hajj [22]: 40-41).

b. Muslims should believe that the earth and even the universe belongs to Allah alone. All are subject to the commands of Allah. And Allah has ordered them not to do wrong to the servants of faith and piety. As long as humans treat it well and do not damage it, the earth will be friendly and will not threaten human safety.

This is clearly stated in the Qur’an surah Al-A’raf [7]: 128, “Moses said to his people:” Ask Allah for help and be patient; surely the earth (this) belongs to Allah; He destroyed those whom He wanted from His servants. And a good end is for those who fear Allah. ”

c. Preparations that need to be taken in facing the potential of Megathrust are morally-spiritually and operationally. Morally-spiritually Muslims and Indonesian society should increase their faith and devotion to God and avoid immorality. A religious life should be developed according to the spirit of Godhead. The social life that respects and maintains religious harmony and keeps away all potential horizontal conflicts.

People need to be aware and called to actively avoid the atmosphere of a non-religious environment that is filled with anarchist actions against nature and fellow human beings. Operationally, the community needs to gain knowledge about the disaster and how to respond to disasters that are right at the personal, family, neighbor and community level. It is necessary to develop a spirit of togetherness and living together in anticipation of every possibility.

d. Specifically to the Government and its entire staff, we convey the same appeal as above, both morally-spiritually and operationally. Morally-spiritually, all people of government should truly develop faith and devotion in the implementation of public service tasks. All members of the government are aware not to commit acts of immorality, immorality or injustice to themselves and others, especially the general public. Operationally, government agencies should be concerned with disaster response activities, work with trust, integrity and full responsibility in carrying out public education and protecting the public from potential disasters.

Finally, we pray that God will protect this country and all its citizens from all potential natural and social disasters, and help them to develop lives based on the values ​​of faith and piety that are the cause of His blessed doors from heaven and earth, Aameen . (R/Ast/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)