Ambassador: Indonesia and Palestinian Relationship Is in the Top

Photo: screenshot

Jakarta, MINA – Ambassador Zuhair Al-Shun said that the bilateral relations between the two countries is in the top. He said Palestine gets a lot of facilities from Indonesia.

One of the conveniences is that two Palestinian products, namely dates and olive oil could enter to Indonesia with zero tarif.

“And there are also many categories, many products that have been discussed and accepted by your government,” said Zuhair during an exclusive interview with the MINA Team virtually in Jakarta on Monday.

“We have seen to our government, for approvement insha Allah very soon it will be signed all types of the products from Palestine to Indonesia,” he added.

Apart from trade, Palestine and Indonesia also strengthen relations in the fields of agriculture and education, tourism, security, health and also political issues.

In international forums, Indonesia also continues to voice support for independence of Palestinian people.

The Director of the Middle East, Directorate of Asia Pacific and Africa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Bagus Hendraning Kobarsyih, emphasized that Indonesia’s support for Palestine is a constitutional mandate.

“Palestinian support is indeed more to carry out the constitutional mandate and support decolonization,” Bagus said in the National Seminar on “Reading the Future of Palestine: Historical, Political and Human Rights Review” which took place virtually monitored in Yogyakarta on Saturday. (L/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)