Al Houthi Commander Turns Himself in to UAE Forces

Newly recruited fighters loyal to the Houthi rebels march during a military parade in Sanaa, Yemen.

Abu Dhabi, MINA – An Al Houthi militia commander has turned himself in to UAE forces and voiced willingness to work for the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces in Support of Legitimacy in Yemen.

Shaikh Hamir Ebrahim, who was in charge of the Hais and Al Khokha fronts in Yemen, urged, in statements to the Emirates News Agency WAM, his tribesmen to surrender, turn themselves in and join the ranks of the Arab coalition against the Iran-backed Al Houthi rebels in order to “liberate the entire Yemeni territories.”

He added that the rebels are forcing the Yemeni people to fight along with them before leaving them in the lurch in utter suffering along with their children who are “forced to fight on the frontlines.”

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“Whoever dares to reject their orders is targeted and expelled away along with his family from their tribe and from the entire area,” he said.

He noted that he has received fair and decent treatment from the UAE forces after giving himself in, urging all those fighting along with the Al Houthi militias to renounce them and adhere to “the righteous path of the Arab Coalition who are fighting for restoring legitimacy in Yemen.”

He called upon all Yemeni people to close ranks against the Al Houthis who, he said, are “wreaking havoc on all Yemeni territories”, affirming that the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces are going on the “right path toward achieving victory and liberating the entire Yemeni lands from the grip of the rebels.”

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Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)