AIBA Allows Female Boxers to Use Hijab in Official Matches

Istanbul, MINA – The International Boxing Association (AIBA) allows female boxers to use hijab in official matches.

Inisdethe the games reported on Thursday, the decision was issued at the AIBA Executive Committee meeting in Istanbul the day before.

It is stated that every female boxing athlete might wear a hijab according to the teachings of religion they believe in. Boxing athletes are also allowed to use hijab colors according to their country flags.

The changes of AIBA policy are to follow other policies of several sports that regulate the use of hijab. There have been many sports that allow hijab female athletes to compete in international tournaments such as fencing, volleyball, women’s soccer, and badminton.

“Hijabs or headcraft can be used by every female athlete, if they want, on religious grounds,” said the official AIBA statement.

With this new policy, the incident that happened to Amaiya Zafar will not happen again. At that time, at the Sugar Bert Tournament boxing championship in Kissimmee, Florida, she was disqualified due to the use of hijabs and long shirts that covered his arms and legs.

At that time, the American Boxing Sports Branch considered that what Amaiya use was considered not safe during the competitions.

AIBA also announced a video usage policy to help referees make decisions.

“This new rule is one of the brilliant rules. With this policy, we ensure fair play and foster trust from boxers, “said one member of the Executive Committee of Azerbaijan, Suleyman Mikayilov. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)