Yasmin Anbar Tells Struggle of Four Palestinian Female Fighters

A Palestinian student, Yasmin Mahmoud Hasyim Anbar told struggle of four Palestinian female fighter (photo: MINA)

North Sungkai, North Lampung, MINA – A Palestinian student, Yasmin Mahmoud Hasyim Anbar told struggle of four Palestinian female fighter named Khadijah Abu Khuwais, Umm Nidhol Farhat, Umm ‘Asif al-Barquti, and Isra Ja’abis in fighting for freedom of the Aqsa Mosque and Palestine.

It is conveyed when she was delivering material as well as friendship at the grand recitation, at the Nurul Husna Mosque, Negararatu, North Lampung on Sunday, September 4.

Yasmin said the first female fighter is Khadijah Abu Khuwais. Khadijah has been educated by her parents to be Al-Aqsa guard since she was a kid until she becomes famous for the Israeli authorities.

“Throughout her life, Khadijah has been arrested multiple times, but she never cries. She is very determined and the Zionists always try to prevent her from entering the Al-Aqsa ,”she said.

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“One day, she was forced by the Zionists to take off her hijab in an Israeli prison. She also was not allowed to perform ablution, pray, and it really made her sad. Those actions showed the Zionist’s persistence to prevent her from entering the mosque,” she added.

The second fighter is Nidhol Farhat. She is a mother who sacrificed her three sons to fight in the field of jihad until they were martyred in the way of Allah and she was pleased with the death of all her beloved sons.

“She always motivated her three children to always try to enter the Aqsa Mosque and reclaim the Aqsa Mosque until finally all three were martyred. She has submitted to Allah and His Messenger,” he said.


Third, ‘Asif Al-Barquti, she has been married for 40 years and has five children, one martyred, and 4 were detained by Israel and her husband has been a prisoner of the Israeli authorities for 12 years since her marriage.

“What happened to her was an extraordinary gift from Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala for his sacrifice of offering his son a martyr so that his family became the family of Allah. Everything is God’s destiny, so don’t feel sad and humiliated because of it, “said Yasmin.

The last fighter is Isra Ja’abis, a Palestinian woman who became an Israeli prisoner after her car was burned because the gas she was carrying in exploded.

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“As a result of the accident, eight of her fingers must be amputated. However, the army accused it as a self-detonating attack and sadly, she must become a prisoner for ten years,” she explained.

Until today, Isra Ja’abis has not been released from the prison and she also is not allowed to go to hospital. Even her own son could not recognize his mother because she had not seen her for so long.Yasmin hopes Indonesians can help Isra Ja’abis to get out of prison. (T/ri/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)