VP Amin Wants Many Halal Industrial Estates in Indonesia

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Vice President, Ma’ruf Amin wants a lot of developed of halal industrial estate in Indonesia. He said Indonesia’s efforts to develop halal industry not only as consumers but become halal producers.

“It means we have to build halal products, not only domestic consumers but also to exports. Therefore, there must be many more halal industrial estates,” Ma’ruf said at the Vice President’s Office, Jakarta on Friday, November 1.

According to him, the existence of halal trade center is also very important for the development of halal industry. To develop halal industry, Ma’ruf also assessed the importance of strengthening Islamic finance.

“Now we are strengthening it so that it becomes bigger. Saudi Arabia is already the biggest in the world, we have just the Sukuk. Sukuk is a state sharia security,” said Ma’ruf.

Therefore, he wants both insurance banking, Islamic capital markets in Indonesia to become large. Ma’ruf also assesses another important thing is the potential for huge social funds needs to be increased again. Because he explained the potential for endowments, zakat is currently only five percent.

In addition, Ma’ruf also considered that the potential of Islamic business today. He believes if the sharia business continues to be developed it will encourage economic growth in Indonesia.

“Big, small, and medium-sized businesses, if we can empower them, of course, they will develop into sharia-like MSMEs that will have enormous potential, encourage our national economic development too,” he said. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)