US House of Representatives Impeach Trump Again

Washington, MINA – The House of Representatives of the United States on Wednesday with a vote of 232-197 officially impeached President Donald Trump and made him the first US president to be impeached twice.

Trump was impeached in a hearing that took place exactly one week after a crowd of supporters stormed the Congress building. This is how Voice of America reported as quoted by MINA on Thursday.

A total of 232 members of the US House of Representatives, the majority of whom are controlled by the Democratic Party, agreed to impeach Trump. Ten of them are Republicans, while 197 other Republican DPR members refused.

The Democratic faction under the chairmanship of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump would pose a threat to national security, democracy and the US Constitution, if left in office until his presidency ends.

The impeachment process will then turn to the US Senate, to decide whether Trump will be sentenced or released.

Last year, Trump was acquitted of impeachment by the Senate and is now in danger of being impeached again after president-elect Joe Biden is sworn in on Wednesday.

Two-thirds of the votes in the Senate are needed to impeach Trump, and if that is done, Trump will no longer be able to hold public office.

The impeachment trial takes place a week after rioters stormed the Capitol Building, a symbol of American democracy as legislators convened to certify Biden’s victory in the November 3 Presidential Election.

Crowds of Trump supporters stormed several congress rooms and vandalized them, scattering government documents and clashing with police.

Five people died as a result of the raids, three of whom died in medical treatment, one died from police shooting, and a policeman was killed which authorities are investigating as a murder case.

Trump did not immediately issue a statement regarding the results of the vote in the DPR which decided to impeach him.

However, he issued a statement calling for “no violence, lawlessness, destruction of any kind. This is not what I stand for, and this is not what America stands for. I ask all residents to calm down. ”. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)