Unworthy Greenblate Statment Against Aruri: Hamas

Gaza, MINA – The Hamas movement said the statistic of the American peace envoy in the Middle East, Jasson Greenblate, against the deputy head of the Hamas political bureau, Ustadz Shaleh al-Aruri, could not be kept away from American policies that carried out open support for Israel.

A quoted from Palinfo on Wednesday, Greenblate provoked Aruri, accused him as a cruel perpetrator, and demanded on his Twitter to make the world safer by providing confidential information about Aruri and his hiding place.

Hamas emphasized that Greenblat’s statement on affirming money prizes for people who conveyed information was no value, because in fact Aruri was a well-known national leadership figure and several times served as Hamas leader.

It was emphasized that the independence of the Palestinian project and its defense, as well as encouraging the continuation of resistance in Palestine would not be possible to isolate Hamas leaders and cadres, so they could not continue the struggle.

According to Hamas, Aruri became one of the resistance figures who shook Israel. (T/Sj/p2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)