Turkey to Hold Film Festival with Theme of Muslim Scientists

Photo: AA

Bursa, MINA – Turkey will hold a film festival to honor the services of seven Muslim scientists who have become pioneers in the field of medicine, Anadolu Agency reported on Wednesday.

Muslim scholars: Ibn Sina, father of modern medicine; Al Biruni, a famous polymath; Ibn al Jazzar, the first person to diagnose leprosy; Ibn al Nafis, the first to describe the circulation of blood from the heart to the lungs; Avempace, Andalusian philosopher and scientist; Al Zahrawi known as the father of surgery; and Al Razi, who is a pioneer in pediatrics and ophthalmology.

The 8th International Yed-i Velayet 7 Short Film Festival will focus on scientists who lived during the Islamic Golden Age.

Registration for festival participants will run until May 1.

The event will be held in Bursa City, which was also the first capital of the Ottoman Empire before the conquest of Istanbul.

Race prizes will be awarded in seven categories.

Eda Surmeli, the head of the festival, said that during this Golden Islamic period Europe was known as the Dark Ages. This is the Golden Age of Islam, “he explained, describing the period between 500-1000 AD.

He noted that this year’s theme was chosen to thank health workers who are fighting the coronavirus on the front lines. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)