Three Human Rights Organizations Document the Impact of Israel’s Attack on Gaza

Gaza City, MINA – Three Palestinian human rights organizations issued a report documenting with numbers and statistics, the loss and damage suffered by the civilian population in Gaza as a result of a large-scale military attack by the Israeli occupation forces.

Al-Haq Organization, Palestine Center and Al-Mizan Center said in a press release on Monday, the information presented in the report is a summary of a comprehensive documentation process based on international standards.

The report refers to a large-scale war attack, the report is prepared using the methodology of gathering information, calculating and auditing data, as well as clarification.

Reports say the number of martyrs reached 240 people, including 60 children and 38 women. The injured victims were 630 children and 397 women.


The injured included persons with disabilities, medical and humanitarian personnel, and journalists.

Statistics show that the occupation forces have also destroyed 7,680 housing units, with 1,313 of them completely destroyed.

A number of residents were also forcibly displaced due to the destruction of their houses, reaching 3,820 people, including 17,444 children and 10,218 women.

Reports mention damage to civil and commercial facilities, industrial and educational facilities, places of worship, agricultural land, water wells, vehicles, and others.

The three human rights organizations strongly condemn the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip, which are still continuing through collective punishment in the form of a blockade.

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They urged the international community to “carry out its legal and moral obligations to end the blockade of the Gaza Strip, assist its reconstruction, and to investigate violations of international humanitarian law and human rights committed by the occupying forces in the Gaza Strip”. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)