The Quran Language has Deep Meanings

Jakarta, MINA – Chairman of Indonesian Association of Quran and Interpretation of Sciences (AIAT) Sahiron Syamsuddin explained that Arabic in the Quran has a very deep sense of meaning. That way, just reading the translation of the Quran is actually not enough because, someone must also read his interpretation so that he really understands the Lord’s Word.

Sahiron said that sometimes one of pronunciation in the Quran has more than one meaning. Many meanings can even be related to each other, so that it is difficult to be translated into Indonesian or other languages ​​as a whole.

“So what we mentioned in Indonesian only shows one nuance of meaning (from one pronunciation in the Qur’an),” Sahiron told Republika on Thursday July 4.

According to him, Javanese and German languages for example, also have many and deep meanings. However, when translating the Quran into two languages, one still needs to think hard. That is, it is still not easy.

“The point is Arabic (which is used by the Quran) has a tremendous depth of meaning, which is difficult to translate in letter,” he explained.

So, Sahiron explained that actually it is only the translation of the Quran was needed by community but also its interpretation. If you read the translation of the Quran while reading interpretation, it will be more understandable.

He explained that there are verses in the Quran that are easy to understand. But there are verses that are difficult to understand, so that requires interpretation. Especially, if the verses are related to human relations or relations between genders.

“Another example is the verses about war, if only reading the translation can be a fundamentalist (reader) or can be a terrorist, so it needs interpretation,” he explained.

Sahiron emphasized that the point of perfecting and validating the translation of the Quranan was aimed at helping the community to be able understand easily contents of the Quran. But the translation is not enough because it must be equipped with a Quranic interpretation, that’s why the Ministry of Religion also has a Qur’anic interpretation.

“If we enter into an interpretation then the development of interpretation must be done all the time, this is because of the depth of meaning (Arabic in the Quran),” he said. (T/Sj)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)