Taiwan-Indonesia Explores Potential Collaboration on Recycling of Marine Plastic Litter

TETO Deputy Chief, Lan Sha-Li (Peter Lan) (photo: special)

Jakarta, MINA – The Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) in Indonesia and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) held Seminar “Marine Plastic Litter and Circular Economy Seminar” in Jakarta on Thursday, September 26.

The seminar was attended by around 100 participants from Taipei and Indonesia of various fields such as producers, officials, academics, and media.

The seminar is a place for exchanging ideas from Taipei and Indonesian parties related to the policy of marine plastic waste and vision of cooperation and development of the recycling industry.

TETO Deputy Chief, Lan Sha-Li (Peter Lan) in his opening speech stated marine waste is a global issue with the very complicated source of pollution and significant impact.

“To be able to solve this problem requires synergy from the policies and regulations of various governments, investigation, and research from educational institutions, and cooperation with civil society,” Peter Lan said in his speech.

For the reason, he hopes that the seminar will produce better advice and actions for ocean cleanliness.

“We hope to open closer cooperation between Taipei and Indonesia in environmental protection, marine waste management, and so on, in order to create regional development and mutual prosperity,” he said.

Taipei itself has accumulated the wealth of experience in environmental monitoring, air quality, water pollution improvement, waste treatment, toxic management, nature conservation, and recycling economy.

Peter Lan said that encouraging international cooperation for environmental protection is an important part of the New Southward Policy.

Taiwan under the “New Southward Policy” framework will work together with Indonesia to safeguard the marine ecological environment, together with developing new business opportunities, namely the recycling economy. (L/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)