Putin: Insulting Prophet Muhammad is a Violation of Religious Freedom

Moscow, MINA – Russian President Vladimir Putin said insulting the Prophet Muhammad is a violation of religious freedom and hurt the sacred feelings of people who embraced Islam.

“This freedom of religion must basically respect everyone whose feelings can be affected,” Putin said at his annual press conference as quoted by Anadolu Agency, Saturday, more than 500 journalists were invited to the event.

“Who insulted the Prophet Muhammad? Is this creative freedom? I don’t think so. This is a violation of religious freedom and a violation of the sacred feelings of those who embrace Islam and it brings to life another, even more acute and extremist manifestation,” he added.

The same respect should be shown in memory of those who fought in World War II against Nazi Germany.

“Russia was formed as a multinational and multi-recognition country, and by nature we are used to treating each other’s interests and traditions with respect. This is indeed a very strong basis for existence, a solid basis for Russia’s existence as a multinational country,” he explained.

In addition, Putin has also rejected the notion that Islam is imaged as a terrorist religion. According to him, the propaganda was deliberately created by the United States to divide the world.

“We never considered Muslims as a problem. The assumption is only the politics of the United States and its allies. Terrorism, for example, when did Islam begin to be identified with terrorism? After the cold war ended,” Putin said in an interview with world-renowned director Oliver Stone.

According to him, Muslims in Russia are scattered in a number of areas in the country and are in good condition.

“Why do Muslims have to be watched? Many Russian people are Muslims, in Moscow alone there are 15 percent of Muslims. There’s never been a problem,” he said firmly. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)