President Joko Widodo Receive First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

President Jokowi receives the first injection of the COVID-19 vaccine (Photo: Humas / Jay)

Jakarta, MINA – President Joko Widood went through four stages when he received the first injection of the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday at Merdeka Palace, Jakarta.

First, data registration and verification will be carried out at Table 1. Next, the President moved to Table 2 for a screening in the form of anamnesis and a simple physical examination.

At Table 2, the officers checked the President’s blood pressure and temperature. It is noted that the President has a blood pressure of 130/67 mmHg with a temperature of 36.3 degrees Celsius.

“Your blood pressure is 130/67, healthy. If the blood pressure is above 140, no (vaccine injection) is given, “said the officer.

In addition, the officer also asked a number of questions for screening, including confirmation of never having been exposed to COVID-19; history of cough, fever, and runny nose for the last 7 days; as well as a history of heart disease or a history of other comorbidities.

“Here, I write it is feasible for vaccination,” said the officer after doing the screening.

Then, the President headed to Table 3 to receive a COVID-19 vaccine injection. Here the President, who appears to be wearing a white short-sleeved shirt was given an injection by vaccinator, dr. Abdul Muthalib who is also a presidential doctor.

“I will take the vaccine (COVID-19) from the coolbox which will be injected into the President,” said the officer while showing the vaccine that was taken.

The vaccine is then handed over to the vaccinator to then be injected into the President. “It doesn’t feel at all,” said the President when asked by the vaccinators after the injection.

After being vaccinated, the Head of State went to Table 4 for recording. The President also has to wait for 30 minutes to anticipate if there is a Post-Immunization Joining Event (KIPI). As a vaccine recipient, the President is also given a vaccination card and a marker for COVID-19 prevention education. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)