Palestinian Factions Denounce Abbas-Gantz Meeting

Gaza, MINA – The Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza denounced on Monday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ meeting with Israeli occupation (Defense) Minister Benny Gantz yesterday in Ramallah.

“The meeting of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas with Zionist War Minister Benny Gantz is condemned and rejected by all patriots of our Palestinian people,” Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said, MINA’s contributor in Gaza reported.

He added, “Such meetings are a continuation of the illusion of the Palestinian Authority leadership in Ramallah of achieving progress for Palestinian people through the settlement process with the occupation.” He pointed out that this behavior deepens the Palestinian political division, and complicates the Palestinian situation.”


“These meetings between the leadership of Palestinian Authority and the occupation encourage some parties in the region that want to normalize with the occupation, and weaken the Palestinian position that rejects normalization,” Qassem said.

For his part, the Islamic Jihad movement’s spokesman, Tariq Salmi, said in a press statement, “the Abbas-Gantz meeting, which came on the impact of the crimes of the occupation, its siege and its aggression, is a stab against our people .”

“The blood of the children killed by the occupation army on the orders of Gantz is still on the ground and has not hidden yet,” said Sami.

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Sami added, “The authority, and its president, are turning their backs on national consensus and setting conditions that serve the occupation for the resumption of national dialogue. However, they race to meet the enemy leaders and put their hands in innocent blood stained hands ,”.

On Sunday evening, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met the Israeli occupation “Defense” Minister Benny Gantz in Ramallah. The meeting is the first for the Palestinian president with a senior Israeli official since 2014, when he met in London the Israeli Minister of Justice in that time, Tzipi Livni. (L-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)