Palestine Land Day, Loyalty and Resilience

By: Ali Farkhan Tsani, Al-Quds Ambassador, Editor of MINA News Agency

Every March 30, residents in Israeli occupied lands commemorate Palestine Land Day or Palestine Earth Day. Not just a peaceful demonstration and rally to commemorate the death of six Palestinian martyrs. But, the more important is a form of their defense of their own homeland against Israeli occupation.

In the midst of preventing Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19), the action was still carried out in the form of raising the Palestinian flag at each Palestinian homes.

Leaders and activists gave spirit, commemorated the death of six martyrs during a demonstration on March 30, 1976. Israeli forces brutally crushed the action. Israel proudly annexed Palestinian lands covering an area of  2,000 hectares in Galilee.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Qasim, a professor of political science and Palestinian studies at An-Najah National University in Nablus, warned, in the 44th year of Palestine Land Day this year, enthusiasm may not fade even without mass action.

“The Zionist army has been continuously shedding the blood of Palestinians with the aim of terrorizing the citizens, and in the end, the residents go out from their homes,” he told Rai al-Yaum on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Prof. Qasim alluded to the many international media which remained silent when brutal crimes occurred in front of themselves.

Islamic countries in the world, according to him, are also not defend the rights of the Palestinian people until they truly become an independent and sovereign state.

“In general, the Western world has conspired with the Zionists, and allowed them to commit all kinds of criminality and barbarism to turn Palestine into a national homeland for Jews,” he continued.

While the Palestinians today are not strong enough to defend themselves, and Arab countries are not under an independent government that can make a strong decision to save Palestine and its people.

The proof, Palestine is still colonizing untill today.


Endless Sacrifice

In his remarks in the online media Wafa News, edition on Monday, March 30, 2020, Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh on Palestine Land Day, emphasized how the perseverance and sacrifice of Palestinians incessantly, in defending their homeland.

“We salute to the Palestinians, how their fortitude and sacrifice have protected our identity and heritage,” said Prime Minister Shtayyeh as quoted by MINA News.

He also said on his Facebook page, the Palestinians “who are steadfast in their land, are firm in their rights, protect their identities and their ancestral heritage that are rooted in this land.”

He added all Palestinians have also defended their homeland by frustrating the plans of Deal of the Century which was initiated by the United States. An action like that carried out for years thwarted all the planned conspiracies to end Palestinian rights.

There is one example of the fortitude and sacrifice of an old Palestinian farmer who faithfully tilled his land for decades in a row. Yes, he is Abdel-Razzaq Yousef Khalil Shamallakh (83 years), a retired history teacher.

Not that he was strong enough to farm, but to prove that the land was not sold and would not be handed over to the occupation.

He wanted to give a message to fellow Palestinians, that the fields are not just land. But he is part of Palestine. “Land is part of our body,” he said. As he said to the Arabi cameraman21 who visited him on his farm.

Shamlakh, is the father of a martyr who died in 2000. He mentioned, what he did was to instill love for the land he inherited from parents and grandparents, in children and grandchildren, “to preserve this land.”

The Glory

The grandfather and also many other residents followed, they all have loved the land of Palestine more than his love for himself.

They continued to uphold the principle that the land was “his country, which he missed every time he moved away from it.”

Especially, for his brothers who were in refugee camps, who had been driven out of their own country. Surely, they are really missed returning to their own homeland.

In Indonesia, with its annual homecoming culture, to my hometown, I already feel sad and disappointed. In connection with the possibility of canceling going home because of predictions that the outbreak of the Coronavirus is still widespread (Covid-19). So, how they do not hold back yearning peaked, years, even decades without returning to his hometown.

However, like the determination of Shamlakh’s grandfather, also all Palestinians, on earth is full of blessings. Their fortitude, loyalty, and sacrifice will not be in vain.

Certainly, Palestinian land will return to its rightful owner.

Palestine Land Day knows to reaffirm their commitment, consistency and dignity to the meaning of their long struggle. The glory, history and religion of Islam that they are proud of, will never be weathered by heat and rain. And will never stop eating age and age.

We too, at the end of the world which are connected by land, sea, and air, continue to pray for and support the independence of Palestinians with all components of Muslims and citizens of the world who still have a human conscience.  (AT/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)