Palestine Appreciates Chilean Senate Decree Approves Boycott of Israeli Products

Gaza, MINA – Palestinian Resistance Movement, Hamas appreciates the recent Chilean Senate agreement on a resolution calling on president Sebastian Echenique to adopt laws that boycott residential goods and prohibit commercial activities with companies operating in the Palestinian territories occupied.

In a press release on Sunday (July 12), Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem urged all governments who voiced rejection of Israel’s annexation plan to translate their words into action by imposing sanctions on the occupied countries and demanding its leaders, Palinfo reported.

Qasem stressed that the growing resistance worldwide to Israeli occupation and the annexation plan reflected the alienation of the Zio-American position.

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Earlier, the Chilean Senate voted 29 in favor, there were no opposing votes and 6 abstained from a resolution calling on the Chilean government to review all agreements with Israel.

Israeli Zionists are currently planning to annex (seize) Palestinian land in the West Bank. The plan is as part of the implementation of the Deal of Centruy that was announced with the United States (US).

While many figures and countries oppose it. Indonesia has become one of the countries that has consistently supported the Palestinian struggle and opposed any Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)