Pakistani PM Warns Nuclear War with India

(photo: special)

Islamabad, MINA – Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for talks with the Indian government, warning that miscalculations could lead to a possible nuclear war.

In a speech on national television, hours after the Pakistani air force claimed to have shot down two Indian warplanes and captured a pilot.

The warning comes amid tensions between nuclear-armed states starting on Tuesday when the Indian Air Force launched its first attack on Pakistani territory in decades to bomb a militant training camp.

India said the camp belonged to a terrorist group responsible for killing 40 Indian troops in the disputed Kashmir region two weeks ago, the South China Morning Post reported as quoted by MINA on Sunday.

After pledging to retaliate, Pakistan said it had dropped two Indian military aircraft crossing the Control Line, the de facto border in Kashmir, into Pakistani airspace on Wednesday.

One of the planes crashed into Indian-controlled territory, while another crashed into a Pakistani plane, where the pilot was captured.

The video claimed about the pilot was covered in blood, blindfolded and with his hands tied behind his back was shared online. Pakistan identified him as Commander of Wing Abhinandan.

“We are waiting for action,” Khan said in a short speech. “It is our plan not to cause damage that causes many casualties. We just want to show our abilities, ”

“Pakistan has claimed that the prisoners are in their power,” Gokhale said at a press conference.

In a separate report, Indian defense analyst Ajai Shukla said in a tweet that two Indian air force jets were shot down by Pakistani planes.

Meanwhile, the Indian Foreign Ministry released a statement after Khan’s speech describing the Pakistan attack last Wednesday as “an act of aggression without reason”. The Ministry also objected to the way the pilots were arrested and then disseminated. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)