Netanyahu Talks Nothing on July 1 of Annexation

Benjamin Netanyahu (photo special)

Jerusalem, MINA – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not talk about the July 1 annexation as he had said. He only gave a signal that his plan to annex the occupied West Bank territory would continue “in the coming days.”

It shows that he will miss the target date of July 1 to start the controversial process. The Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday.

Netanyahu wants to start annexing the West Bank in line with President Trump’s Middle East plan.

But the plan received international criticism. Starting from the Arab League, Gulf States, OIC, Secretary General of the United Nations, the European Union and other countries.

All said the annexation would violate international law and undermine the goal of establishing an independent Palestinian state worthy of being with Israel in the two countries.

The Israeli government plans to seize nearly 1,000 hectares near Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank for the purpose of building Jewish settlements.

Netanyahu said the aim to annex all settlements, as well as the strategic Jordan Valley and to protect Israel’s security.

He also used religious excuses, saying the area is part of the Land Presented in the Bible.

In addition to international opposition, Netanyahu now also faces resistance from coalition partners in his government, Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

The coalition agreement for their new government, which took office in May, gave Netanyahu the authority to submit annexation proposals.

But US officials said they did not want to go ahead with the plan unless Netanyahu and Gantz both agreed.

Gantz, he will be prime minister in the second half of the coalition government. He target date of July 1 is not sacred.

He also said that annexation must wait for the government to resolve the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agerncy (MINA)