MUI to Introduce Indonesian Brotherhood to the International World

Jakarta, MINA – Deputy Secretary of the Ukhuwah Commission of the Indonesian Council for Ulema (MUI) KH Muhammad Sirojudin said he would brand Indonesian ukhuwah (brotherhood) internationally.

He explained, there is not only one application of ukhuwah in Indonesia but also there are three, namely ukhuwah Islamiyah, ukhuwah wathaniyah, and ukhuwah basyariyah.

Because of that, according to him, Indonesia will become a role model for the international community, especially in countries that have prolonged horizontal conflicts and even war conflicts and so on.

“While in Indonesia such things have never existed, it means that Ukhuwah Islamiyah in Indonesia itself has been built,” said Sirojudin in his statement in Jakarta to MUIDigital on Wednesday.

In order to go international, said Sirojudin, it was demonstrated by accommodating all mass organizations and institutions from PBNU, Muhammadiyah, Persis, and other mass organizations that have permission from the government.

Meanwhile, the total number of institutions and mass organizations accommodated within the MUI is nearly 60.

He said, as a parameter, the power of mass organizations in Indonesia itself is one of the great strengths and from there the MUI, through the Ukhuwah Commission, will brand Indonesia’s ukhuwah to go public to the international community.

According to him, the horizontal conflicts that have occurred in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine, and Syria have never existed in Indonesia. Because of that, Afghanistan has also visited Indonesia many times related to conflict resolution there.

“So, this is where MUI will try to brand through ukhuwah Islamiyah to become a role model throughout the world,” he said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)