Agus Tri Sundani (photo: MINA)
Agus Tri Sundani (photo: MINA)

Jakarta, 29 Muharram 1436/22 November 2014 (MINA) – The Secretary of the Daily Executive Board (BPH) Indonesia Muslim Organization Muhammadiyah, Tri Agus Sundani said Muslim should not pray  be in a church as it was done in US.

“Tolerance has a bounds. If we take a look at the era of Umar Bin Khattab, although Christians give the widest place for Umar praying in the cathedral, he didn’t do it,” said Agus.

He said, as a form of respectness to christian people, we should not worship in the church.

“Umar Bin Khattab actually prayed in the outside of the church building, not in the church,” said Agus when he the facts of Caliph Omar.

He also said, it is okay to pray in the church, unless the church that have been purchased, as several church in America and Europeas well as the church is used for public activities.

Agus Also said, the intention of the pastor who was given the opportunity for Muslims to pray in the church, it can also be interpreted in all sorts, may be it was his strategy or indeed respect for Muslims.

“Once a group of Christian from Jerusalem came to Medina, when the Prophet was in the Asr pray, after praying,  the Prophet welcomed Christians to worship. His companions would forbid them but the Prophet prohibit it and let them did their worship, because they did it on the porch around the mosque, “said Agus.

If Muslims did the pray in church, Christians also could asked to be allowed to worship in the moaque. This is not exemplified by the Prophet and his companions, “he added.(L/P008/R03)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)