Ministry of Religion Issues Islamic Boarding School Learning Guide During Pandemi

Jakarta, MINA – The Ministry of Religion issues learning guides for Islamic Boarding School (pesantren) and religious education during Covid-19 pandemic.

The Minister of Religion Fachrul Razi said the guidelines became an inseparable part of the joint decree of the Minister of Education and Culture, the Minister of Religion, the Minister of Health, and the Minister of Home Affairs.

According to Fachrul, this guide covers non-boarding religious education, boarding schools, and boarding religious education.

“For religious education that is not boarding, applicable provisions set by the Ministry of Education and Culture, both at the level of primary, secondary and higher education,” Fachrul said in his press release on Thursday.

Fachrul explained there are four main provisions applicable in learning during the pandemic, both for boarding and non-boarding religious education.

First, they must form a task force for the acceleration of handling Covid-19. Second, it must have facilities that meet the health protocol.

Third, it must be safe from Covid-19. This must be proven by a statement from the task force for the acceleration of handling Covid-19 or the local regional government.

Fourth, leaders, managers, educators, and students must be in good health, and proven by a health certificate from a local health service facility.

“These four provisions must be used as a joint guide for pesantren and religious education institutions that will hold learning during the pandemic,” said Fachrul.

Furthermore, Fachrul admitted that currently there are a number of pesantren and religious education that have conducted face-to-face learning.

However, this guideline has also arranged for the leadership of the pesantren and religious education to coordinate with the task force for the acceleration of handling of Covid-19 regions and health service facilities or local health services.

According to Fachrul, the coordination is intended to check the health condition of students safely from Covid-19.

“If there is something unhealthy, take immediate security measures according to the instructions of the health service facility or the local health service,” he explained.

Coordination is also important in order to check the conditions of the hostel.

The goal is, if there is one that does not meet the health protocol, then security can be immediately corrected or taken according to the task force for the acceleration of the handling of Covid-19 regions and local health service facilities or health services.

“Islamic boarding schools and religious education which have conducted face-to-face learning must also comply with the health protocol as well as possible,” said Fachrul. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)