Minister: Ulema Should Master Information Technology

Pontianak, 7 Ramadan 1437/12 June 2016 (MINA) – Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Khofifah Indar Parawansa said religious teachers and leaders in Islamic Boarding Schools should be familiar with the information technology to prevent negative impact of globalization and the easyness access to information.

“ The negative impact of globalization and the easyness access to information, including danger of drugs,  must be anticipated on all sides, especially in Islamic boarding schools. So, religious teachers and leaders should be familiar with the information technology,” said Khofofah during her Ramadan visit to the capital city of West Kalimantan Pontianak, Sunday. Antaranews reported.

According to her, the current challenges of younger generation is getting harder, as many cases of sexual crimes that lead to violence, cruelty to murder.

One of the current criminal case is a rape to a junior high school students (SMP) in Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu.

In fact, according to Khofifah, the preparators were been watching porn thr ough mobile phone, drinking liquor and finally commiting a crime.

“Based on the data, there are 50 people everydays died because of drugs. In 2013 to 2014, an estimated of Rp63 trillion of money used to buy drugs,” said the Minister.

During her visit to West Kalimantan, Khofifah also explaineed the family program, having breakfasting in Mempawah and giving religious course in Al Murabbi Islamic Boarding School. (LP/R03/R04)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)