Local COVID-19 Taskforce Appreciates Danone SN Indonesia Factories

Jakarta, MINA – The health and safety of employees in national and local workplace remains a priority for COVID-19 Taskforce during the pandemic. Two Danone Specialized Nutrition (SN) Indonesia factories were recently visited by the local COVID-19 Taskforce recently.

PT Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera (NIS) Factory, a part of Danone SN Indonesia, was visited by Local COVID-19 Taskforce and Pasar Rebo Health Office. During the visit, the team was briefed on how PT NIS applies health and safety protocol for employees throughout COVID-19 pandemic. On top of that, a dialogue was present to strengthen the protocol implementation, according to a press release, Saturday.

Delta Deritawan Manufacturing Director Danone SN Indonesia stated that the visit of government officials like Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah and COVID-19 Local Taskforce to few Danone SN Indonesia’s factories shows company’s and factory’s readiness in operating in the middle of the pandemic.

Pasar Rebo Local Taskforce Head, Muhammad Syarif, assessed the extent of PT NIS’s commitment in supporting the efforts of breaking the COVID-19 chain especially in its operation. The team from Municipal level as well as Pasar Rebo Health Office were welcomed by management and head of PT NIS including Gombak Wijarnako as Industrial Relation Manager, Yudhitia Ariwinanto as Factory Manager, and Manufacturing Director Delta Deritawan.

Muhammad Syarif gave his appreciation on the implementation of health and safety protocol by PT NIS. “I have witnessed that the protocol done by PT NIS has been well and consistent.” said Syarif. Syarif also expressed his intent to keep a good relationship between PT NIS and Pasar Rebo Municipal after this visit, and thanked the warm welcome.

Prambanan Factory

On top of Ciracas Factory, PT Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika (SGM) Factory in Prambanan has also been visited by Prambanan Local COVID-19 Taskforce. Aside from assessing health and safety protocol in factory premises, the Taskforce was also giving attention to the readiness of other facilites in the factory such as Mosque as a worship place for many employees.

Local Taskforce was represented by Suherman from Prambanan Municipal, Dwiyana from Prambanan Local Military District, Tri Arif Widodo from Prambanan Local Police District, and Sudarso from Kemudo Village.

The Taskforce was welcomed by Joko Yulianto as Prambanan Factory Manager and Defri Hadi as Head of HR-SR Danone SN Indonesia was also accompanied by few Muslim Employees Committee of Assalam Mosque PT SGM Prambanan.

The assessment was done very thoroughly, few questions were asked regarding COVID-19 prevention protocol in worship place to the caretaker of Muslim Employees Committee.

“So far, we see Assalam Mosque has been more than ready to continue holding prayers, all health protocols have been implemented, including education banners to all jamaah.” said Suherman as the person in charge.(R/R1/P2)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)