Lebanese Minister of Health: Victims of Explosion Icreases to 80 Killed, 4,000 Injured

Beirut, MINA – Lebanese Minister of Health (Menkes), Hamad Hassan, reported on Wednesday that the death toll from the explosion at the Port of Beirut yesterday reached 80 killed and 4,000 injured.

Hassan added the number of victims is likely to increase in the coming hours, as the next report from the scene. Lebanon’s NNA News Agency reported.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab declared it a great national disaster.

“Beirut is grieving. All of Lebanon was hit by a national disaster. Lebanon experienced enough trials that could only be faced with national unity and solidarity among all Lebanese from all backgrounds and regions, “said PM Diab.

“What happened today will not just happen without inspection. All those responsible for this disaster will pay the price. This is a promise I made to the dead and wounded. This is a national commitment, “he added.

The fact about dangerous warehouses that have existed for years since 2014, he said, would not precede the investigation.

“At present, we are focused on handling disasters, looking for other martyrs, and caring for the injured,” he continued.

“However, I promise that this disaster will not go unpunished, and those involved will be held accountable,” he said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)