Large Rally in Melbourne Support Palestinians

Large Rally in Melbourne Support Palestinians (Photo: The Sydey Morning Herald)

Melbourne , MINA – The large rally in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday where about 10,000 people are marching down Swanson Street to support Palestinians as Israel’s anticipated ground invasion of Gaza looms.

“Free Palestine!” Protesters are shouting as Palestinian flags are lifted by the wind. The Sydey Morning Herald reported.

“I can list the names of thousands of children killed in Gaza,” said Raphael Duffy, who is himself Jewish.

“The brave people of Gaza are crying out for the world to fight for them. Parents have started writing the names of their children on their bodies. They want the world to know the truth,” Duffy said.


Stand-up comedian Nazeem Hussein told the crowd of his shock at the Australian government’s staunch defence of Israel as bombs rained down on schools and clinics in Gaza, and water, food and medical supplies dried up under the Israeli blockade.

He welcomed members of the Jewish community in the crowd who supported a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

“Cutting off aid and attacking healthcare systems were war crimes,” Greens MP Tim Read said. “We must do better, ” he said

The pro-Palestine rally is one of many held around Australia in recent weeks as Israel vows to destroy Hamas, which rules Gaza, for the deadly attacks on Israeli civilians on October 7.

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Police are keeping a close eye at the edges as protesters begin to march down Swanston Street but the rally has been peaceful so far. (T/RS2/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)