Karnataka: Three Hindus Donate Land to Build Field for Eid Prayers

Muslims congratulate the donors who gave their land to build the Eidgah wall. (Awaz-the Voice)

Davangere, MINA – Another example of India’s pluralistic culture emerged when in Davangere district, Karnataka State, three people from the Hindu community donated their land to build the Eidgah wall (field for Eid prayers).

Earlier two Hindu sisters Saroj and Anita donated their father’s land worth more than 1.5 crores for Eidgah in Kashipur city, Uttarakhand State. Meanwhile in Buldhana district, Maharashtra State, a Hindu village presented loudspeakers to a nearby mosque.

A senior IAS Karnataka officer, Mohammad Mohsin, took to Twitter to share a heartwarming story about the incident. “As the whole world celebrates Eid al-Fitr, here is the moving story of a remote village in Davanagere District, (Karnataka) State, where Hindus donated land to build the Idgah wall,” he tweeted, Awaz-the Voice reports.

He further said that last year plans were made to build a new wall for the security of Idgah in Anaberu village. Then a local resident named Rajashekharappa, K.C. Rajappa, and Balagetara Shekharappa came forward and donated their land adjacent to Idgah.

The new Idgah Wall was eventually built on the donated land. Mohsin further tweeted that the donors were rewarded for their help in building the wall. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)