Ju Percussion Group and Taipei City Orchestra to Perform at SIPFEST Indonesia

Jakarta, MINA – The Taipei City Government’s Department of Culture Affairs (DOCA) has actively promoted cultural and artistic exchanges with Southeast Asian cities over the past three years. DOCA supports the International Arts Festival by recommending or inviting outstanding performance teams to participate in the festival which attracts other art festival directors or curators.

DOCA introduces Taipei’s art performance groups to the international community and thus helps them expand their international market. Moreover, such efforts demonstrate that Taipei is an international art city.

From August 13 to 16, this year, Department of Culture Affairs’ Commissioner Chung Yung-feng joins the Ju Percussion Group (JPG) in attending Indonesia’s Salihara International Performing Arts Festival (SIPFEST).

Commissioner Chung will also discuss future cooperation with Nirwan Dewanto, director of the Salihara Festival. On August 14th and 15th, the Ju Percussion Group will perform at SIPFEST in Jakarta Salihara Theatre.

The Department of Culture Affairs bestowed the Prestigious Team title on the percussion group and Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture also named it a representative brand for Taiwan’s art performance groups.

Ju Percussion Group was founded 30 years ago. DOCA cited the group’s art creativity as well as its contribution to education and culture in granting it the title of Prestigious Team.

In the past five years, JPG has been increasing its overseas performances, taking Taiwan’s traditional and modern art performances to the international stage. Audiences in Europe, America and Asia have acclaimed the group’s artistic output. Professional performance groups have expressed their desire to enter into cooperative ventures with JPG.

The Department of Culture Affairs responded to such calls for increased cooperation by implementing the “Go Southeast Asia: A Stunning Virtuosity” concert performance project.

In cooperation with the Taipei City Orchestra, the concert’s theme is the interconnection of Taiwan’s performing arts with the rest of the world, a starting point for many and diverse activities.

Indonesia’s Salihara International Performing Arts Festival (SIPFEST) is held every two years. It is a dance, drama and music festival that features performances by top international artists, and world-class Indonesian performers. It has become an important event for Indonesia.

“A Stunning Virtuosity” will feature five of Ju Percussion Group’s 230 commissioned performances: “Trilogy”, “Allure”, “Daybreak”, “Drum Festival, and “J Effect.”

These pieces were chosen to convey the unique culture and artistic refinement of Taiwanese artistic expressions. National artist Peiling Zhong will play the pipa (lute) and accompany JPG in performing Allure, composed by Liu Yuyun. Liu composed the music for the lute in a performance of “The Marriage of Zhong Kui’s Sister,” a traditional folk tale.

Komunitas Salihara, located south of Jakarta, is Indonesia’s first non-government multi-art center. It was set up by writers, artists, journalists and art lovers. Since its inception in 2008, it has been the venue of many artistic creations and a vehicle for international exchanges and creative projects with international groups.

The Salihara Music Festival was first held here in 2008. In 2016, the festival changed its name to Salihara International Performing Arts Festival, one of Indonesia’s most important art events.(R/R01/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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