Israeli Newspaper Publishes Main Points of US’s  “Deal of the Century”

Tel Aviv, MINA – Hebrew-language news outlet, Israel Hayomp published a document containing the main points of US President Donald Trump’s plans for the Middle East, called the “Deal of the Century”.

As quoted from the Middle East Monitor on Friday, the leaked document was circulated by Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Previously, the United States planned to disclose the agreement after the year of Ramadan ended or in early June.

Main points of the agreement were actually initiated by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has high interest in Israel and his settlements, along with the points:

A tripartite agreement will be signed between Israel, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas. A Palestinian state will be formed called “New Palestine”, which will be established in the West Bank and occupied Gaza, with the exception of settlements.

Meanwhile, Israel will gradually release Palestinian prisoners for three years under an agreement. Then, Block settlements in the occupied West Bank, which are illegal under international law, will become part of Israel.

Jerusalem will not be divided but to be shared by Israel and “New Palestine” with Israel maintaining control in general. Meanwhile, Palestinians living in Jerusalem will become citizens of Palestinian state but Israel to remain responsible for the municipality, because that is the land.

The newly formed Palestinian state will pay taxes to the Israeli city government to take responsibility for education in the city for Palestinians.

The status quo on holy sites will remain and Israeli Jews will not be allowed to buy Palestinian homes and vice versa.

Meanwhile, Egypt will offer Palestinian new state land to build airports, factories and agriculture that will serve the Gaza Strip. However, Palestinians will not be allowed to live on the land.

A highway will be built to connect the Gaza Strip to the West Bank on 30 meters above Israel. Funding for this project will mainly come from China, which will pay 50 percent of the cost, with South Korea, Australia, Canada, the US and the EU each paying 10 percent each.

The United States, European Union and Gulf countries will fund and sponsor a five-year agreement to establish a “New Palestine” state.

The plan will cost $6 billion per year, a 70 percent majority will be paid by the Gulf countries, with the US contributing 20 percent and the European Union 10 percent.

“New Palestine” will not be allowed to form an army but can defend police forces. Instead, a defense agreement will be signed between Israel and “New Palestine” which Israel will defend a new country from foreign attacks.

After signing the agreement, Hamas will hand over all of its weapons to Egypt. Leaders of the movement will be compensated and paid for by Arab countries when the government is established.

Elections are also expected to be held within one year after the establishment of “New Palestine” state.

All borders between the Gaza Strip, Egypt, and Israel will remain open to people, goods and Palestinians will be able to use Israeli air and ports.

“New Palestine” will have two crossings to Jordan that are under the control of “New Palestinian” authority. Then, the Jordan Valley will remain in the hands of Israel and a four-lane highway to be built through it.

If Hamas or Palestinian factions reject this agreement, the US will cancel all of its financial support to the Palestinians and pressure other countries to do the same.

On the other hand, if Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signs the agreement, but Hamas and Islamic Jihad disagree, war will be launched in the Gaza Strip with full US support.

Likewise, if Israel rejects the agreement, the US will stop its financial support. The US is currently paying $3.8 billion dollars a year to support Israel. (T/Sj/R04)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)