Israeli Court Issues Additional Sentence Against “Freedom Tunnel” Prisoners

Photo: M Shaaban/MINA

Jerusalem, MINA – The Israeli court on Sunday in Nazareth issued a five-year prison sentence in addition to the previous prison sentences for the prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel, who managed to escape from Gilboa prison last year, and the occupation re-arrested them.

According to the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority, the Israeli court issued a sentence of imprisonment for an additional 5 years and a fine of 5,000 shekels to the prisoners Mahmoud Al-Ardah, Muhammad Al-Ardah, Ayham Kammaji, Yaqoub al-Qadri, and Munadil Nafi’at.

In a separate session, the Israeli court issued a similar sentence against the prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubaidi.

For its part, the Prisoners’ Information Office stated that the occupation court had sentenced the assistants of the prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel to 4 years in prison and a fine of 2,000 shekels.

The commission’s lawyer quoted the prisoner Yaqoub Qadri, one of the six prisoners who managed to escape from Gilboa prison, as saying, “We do not care what the decision is. The important thing is that we did the impossible, and we were able to penetrate the Israeli security services, and we achieved what was impossible for Israel and its services”.

The lawyer of the Prisoners Authority, Munther Abu Ahmed, said that the judge of the occupation court in Nazareth issued a similar sentence on prisoner Zakaria al-Zubaidi to 5 years and a fine of 5,000 shekels, despite his absence in the courtroom.

He indicated that the Prisoners’ Committee will file an appeal against the decision of the occupation court against the six prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)