Israel to Remove 36,000 Palestinian-Arab Citizens

Israel to Remove 36,000 Palestinian-Arab Citizens (photo:special)

Al-Quds, MINA – Israeli Planning and Development Committee will build camps in preparation for the removal of 36,000 Arab citizens living in occupied Palestinian territories.

The plan targets Palestinian-Arab population in Israel who live in Bedouin villages. They are “not recognized” by the Israeli occupation government, thus Palstinepost24 reported quoted MINA Wednesday, October 9.

Even though, the villages have existed for hundreds of years before Israeli come.

Nevertheless, they insisted on relocating residents and replacing villages with housing projects for Israeli settlers.

A letter has been sent to the head of the local District Planning and Development Committee asking them not to accept the plan.

The letter was sent on behalf of the Is the Center, an Israeli human rights group seeking justice for the Arab population, along with the Regional Council for villages in the Negev and surrounding areas that they want to evict.

The letter stressed the importance of rejecting the plan, which was a way to expel the Arabs from their homes and villages in the occupied land of Israel. (T/Sj)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)