Israel Relaxes Gaza Restriction

Yerusalem, MINA – The Israeli goverment starting on Monday, June 21 has relaxing some Gaza restrictions on goods and mail in and out of the Gaza Strip, after a strict ban that has lasted since the 11-day occupation military aggression last month.

After security meeting on Sunday, the decision was made by political leaders to allow agricultural and textile exports from the Gaza Strip from Monday morning, defense officials said.

Agricultural goods will be allowed to be exported to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and abroad, but not to Israel. However, textiles will be allowed into Israel following special requests from Israeli textile companies cooperation with suppliers in Gaza, officials said.

The goods will be allwed through the Kerem Shalom crossing, the Times of Israel reported.

Palestinian said, they had been notified of the lifting of additional restrictions.

“Israeli had been notified the Civil Affairs Commission that letters were allowed in and out of the Gaza Strip after banned more than one and a half months,” said Saleh al-Ziq, a senior official based in Gaza, Palestine.

Al-Ziq added Gaza citizens trapped abroad since the 11-day escalation of violence would now be allowed to enter, through the Erez Crossing from Israel.

“Exports textile and food to Israel and West Bank will also restart,” he said.

The Palestinian official said, passports kept by Israeli mail would be sent to their owners.

Some 5,000 official travel documents are currently detained in Ramallah, waiting to be sent to their owners, the daily Haaretz reported last week. (T/Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)